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I confirm that I have the right to work in the UK and am able to prove my eligibility status when required to do so. *: Yes
Please read the Job Description carefully before providing information in this Section of the Application Form. Give details of your previous employment or experience which you think would help you to do this job. *: As far as my education is concerned I achieved 9 0 levels which include Maths, English, History, Chemistry and an A level while attending Cardinal Wiseman school. Since leaving school I have undertaken further education which has lead me to study AAT accountancy. I was a registered childminder for several years and so have been through first aid and food hygiene training. During my years as a child minder I gained experience of working and supporting children with special needs and understand the importance of confidentiality, and to help and support self esteem, confidence, and independence. While my mum was alive and unwell I supported and cared for her so she could remain at home. I have also for a short time worked as a community carer, which involved visiting people in their homes and helping them with personal needs, medication, housework, food preparation. Unfortunately I had to leave this role as I was unwell myself and needed to have surgery but I am recovered now. I gave worked in a residential care home both as a housekeeper and a kitchen assistant and have experience of being involved in the care and needs of the residents.
What qualities do you think are important when working as a personal assistant with a disabled person? *: Patience and understanding as I feel it can be very frustrating at times for the person with the disability. A sense of humour is always a good thing as this can lift a persons spirit. Confidentiality and respect and to ensure that you encourage their self esteem. As a personal assistant you will on occasions be responsible for very personal and private matters regarding the person you are helping. It is important that they feel comfortable with you and that they understand that they can trust you at all times. That you are open to experiencing new challenges and encourage and support the individual so that they have the opportunity to live their life to the full.
How do you think you can contribute towards the needs and the independence of a disabled person? *: Talking to them and listening to them. Encourage them to take part in activities they enjoy and share experiences with them and maybe introduce them to other activities. To be respectful of their needs and privacy while always being aware of what is needed to keep them safe. Lots of encouragement, and a sense of humour goes a long way to give a person a sense of self esteem. When taking on new activities or experiences making sure to adapt them so that they are achievable. It is important to be able to build a relationship with someone so that they will feel safe and comfortable with you. You need to be able to adapt and be flexible to fit in with their needs.
What is it about PA work which appeals to you? *: Knowing that you can make a difference to someones life. Not only that but to be able to have job satisfaction knowing you are making a positive difference to someone, that it isnt just a job but that it had meaning. I love feeling needed and now that my children have all grown up I want to do something that will help and make a difference to someone else. Im looking for something that isnt just ticking the boxes as it were, something that will open up new experiences for me as well and put all my skills and interests to use.
What are your hobbies/interests?: I love listening to music, all types but especially the 80s and country music. I enjoy reading whether it is autobiographies or light hearted romantic happy ever after type of stuff. I enjoy cooking and especially baking and have made several birthday and wedding cakes for friends and family. I help out at athletics by volunteering in the snack shop making teas and coffees and selling sweets etc. I like to travel and have swam with the turtles but my favourite holiday is skiing. I watch formula one and Moto GP racing on the telly I enjoy dramas, TV soaps, comedy and sci-fi programmes. My biggest interest of all is my family as I have four children (3 sons, 1 daughter) ranging from 32-19 years.
Would you consider a casual position if you are unsuccessful with this job? *: Yes
Do you drive? *: Yes
Are you a vehicle owner? *: Yes
Do you smoke? *: No
Are you able to undertake training? *: Yes
What days/nights are you able to work, or prefer to work? *: Very flexible
Are there any circumstances which would prevent you from providing cover or swapping a shift? *: No
If you would like to expand on the answers given above? Please use the box below.: After recovering from cancer and surgery it has given me a new outlook on life and I would love to be able to work with someone and for it to have a huge impact on their lives. I want something that will give meaning to my life and someone elses as I am a very caring person.
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Is there is any such information you wish to disclose, relating to any cautions or convictions which will appear on your mandatory DBS check? *: No/
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I agree that the information I provide will be posted to the Dewis CIL PA noticeboard (all personal information will be withheld).: Yes
What geographical area’s are you able to cover?: RCT Cardiff Bridgend
How many hours of work can you offer per week?: 30
Please indicate the approximate times that you are available for work throughout the week.: Monday AM/Monday Overnight/Tuesday AM/Tuesday PM/Tuesday Overnight/Wednesday AM/Wednesday PM/Wednesday Overnight/Thursday AM/Thursday PM/Thursday Overnight/Friday AM/Friday PM/Friday Overnight/Saturday AM/Saturday PM/Saturday Overnight/Sunday AM/Sunday PM /Sunday Overnight/
Further Information: Occasional Im not available at the weekends if there is an event at athletics.