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Please read the Job Description carefully before providing information in this Section of the Application Form. Give details of your previous employment or experience which you think would help you to do this job. (required): 2021: BSC HEALTH & SOCIAL CARE (GRADE PENDING) Swansea University Some modules included, Safeguarding, Psychology and Counselling, Law & Ethics. Topics that provide a knowledge and understanding of individuals and society. Participated in 10-week work placement. I look forward to utilising this knowledge in my career path. My studies have introduced me to the importance of diversity and equality in society, which I would like to support with my role and work. 2018: BTEC HEALTH & SOCIAL CARE LEVEL 3 EXTENDED DIPLOMA Merthyr Tydfil College Distinction *, Distinction * & Distinction 2016: AS HEALTH & SOCIAL CARE St Johns Baptist School Grade C INDEPENDENCE PATHWAYS LTD May 2020- March 2021 Supporting children and young people with daily routines to promote independence. Supporting children with ADHD, Autism and traumatic past experiences by de-escalation techniques and effective communication skills. Working in partnerships with Social Services, CAMHS, Youth Offending Teams and many other agencies to meet the needs of vulnerable young people. ACUMEN CARE SERVICES May 2019- April 2020 Providing both physical and emotional support to vulnerable individuals with an aim for the to reach their potential. Adapting care to the individual needs of a person. Working with individual with diverse needs including learning disabilities, autism, physical disabilities and mental health needs. Due to start a MA in Social work in September. I have completed Appropriate Adult training, Child Protection training & panel member training for Cwm Taf Youth Offending Service (YOS). This has improved my knowledge of legislation relating to children & young people and the importance of safeguarding. I have acted as a panel member it allowed me to understand the importance of communication within multi-agency services. I completed voluntary hours in a range of settings. One being at Cyfarthfa High School, focussing on children who suffer with learning difficulties and disabilities such as ADHD and Autism. During my time there I helped the students with basic queries relating to their work and took part in activities with them
What qualities do you think are important when working as a personal assistant with a disabled person? (required): I believe that being a patient individual is required during this role as it will allow the individual to feel at ease. Being patient with others will provide those individuals with the persistence to carry out things that will lead to their goal. Being an empathetic individual will also be beneficial as it will allow individuals to feel understood and not judged. I think good communication skills are necessary in this role to communicate effectively and appropriately with that individual in a way that suits their needs. resilience is also a quality that will be beneficial in this role as I feel vulnerable individuals need consistency, which contributes to the building of good professional relationship.
How do you think you can contribute towards the needs and the independence of a disabled person? (required): From my previous experience as a support worker, I believe I will be effective in this role. I have experience in promoting independence in young people such as assisting them with cooking/ baking, helping them identify their triggers and chatting with them regarding their challenging behaviour to help identify ways to overcome certain negative behaviours. Providing them with choice to participate in activities that they are interested in. Encouraging them to participate in activities in the community to improve their social skills.
What is it about PA work which appeals to you? (required): This job appeals to me as I have an interest to help others. During my previous role I understand the importance of empathy for service users. This has encouraged me to pursue this field as well as powering my interest to help others. I have learnt how to support a service user with a person- centred approach and help them maintain their individuality and dignity and I feel this will benefit the young person. I am interested in helping this person progress and feel comfortable in society.
What are your hobbies/interests?: My hobbies include regularly attending the Gym and participating in physical activity such as running and playing netball. I enjoy socialising with friends. I regularly volunteer with Cam Taff Youth offending service.
Would you consider a casual position if you are unsuccessful with this job? (required): Yes
Do you drive? (required): Yes
Are you a vehicle owner?  (required): Yes
Do you smoke? (required): No
Are you able to undertake training? (required): Yes
What days/nights are you able to work, or prefer to work?  (required): any days
Are there any circumstances which would prevent you from providing cover or swapping a shift? (required): No
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Is there is any such information you wish to disclose, relating to any cautions or convictions which will appear on your mandatory DBS check? (required): No/
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I agree that the information I provide will be posted to the Dewis CIL PA noticeboard (all personal information will be withheld).: Yes
What geographical area’s are you able to cover?: within RCT
How many hours of work can you offer per week?: 3-10
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