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Town *: Dinas Powys
County *: South Glamorgan
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I confirm that I have the right to work in the UK and am able to prove my eligibility status when required to do so. *: Yes

Please read the Job Description carefully before providing information in this Section of the Application Form. Give details of your previous employment or experience which you think would help you to do this job. *: I have worked in a care setting for the past 14yrs. From 2006 until 2009 I worked in Bethal House, Hebron hall as a relief carer and home cleaner for the elderly. I supported the residents in all aspects of their day. Helping them to get up in the morning, assisting with personal care, supporting them to be as independent as possible, join in with activities, administer medication. I worked both day and night shifts. I then went on to work in a mainstream school with children with additional needs and a residential college for young adults with autism. I would assist with personal care, a normal college day, shopping, cooking, various sports and social activities, housekeeping and banking. In March 2018 I went to work for a company called Innovate Trust to support adults in their own home who have learning, physical and mental disabilities. As with previous jobs, Ive assisted with personal care, housekeeping such as cleaning, washing and ironing, shopping, cooking, money budgeting etc. I also encouraged the social interaction, this has ranged from taking clients to concerts and football games to just sitting in their flat to watch various sports with them. This is something I enjoys as I love my sport, regularly watching football and rugby and I am also a season ticket holder for the Cardiff Devils ice hockey team. My current full time job is working in an SEN school in Penarth, this is Monday to Friday and term time only. Having previously worked with Autistic and Behavioural children I am now in a class with children who have profound medical and learning disabilities. I have had a lot of training for this with epilepsy and PEG feed training being the most important.

What qualities do you think are important when working as a personal assistant with a disabled person? *: Having spent many years working with people who have disabilities I think the most important quality to have is to be calm and have patience. It can be quite frustrating for an individual if you are asking them to do something and not giving them time to process the request. Individuals can often find it hard to communicate and it is important to let them take their time to express themselves and not try to finish sentences etc. I also think it is important to take an interest in what the individual likes so that you have a basis to build a professional relationship on.

How do you think you can contribute towards the needs and the independence of a disabled person? *: It is important to speak to the individual and their family to see what level of support they need. It could be encouraging the person to get out and socialise more to promote independence or assisting with household chores. It is all about communication to find out how I can help.

What is it about PA work which appeals to you? *: I like to feel I am making a difference to someones life. Encouraging them to be the best they can be. Make sure they dont feel isolated or alone and also to give the family some time to do the things they want to and enjoy. It can be very overwhelming caring for someone and sometimes a family member just needs some time for themselves.

What are your hobbies/interests?: I enjoy sports, I am a massive ice hockey, F1, football and rugby fan. I can normally be found watching these either live or on TV. I have a dog and my favourite thing to do is taking her for a walk. She is quite active so on a nice day we usually do a 4hr walk which is how I keep fit. I love seeing my friends and have a few weekends away planned this year.

Would you consider a casual position if you are unsuccessful with this job? *: Yes
Do you drive? *: No
Are you a vehicle owner? *: No
Do you smoke? *: No
Are you able to undertake training? *: Yes
What days/nights are you able to work, or prefer to work? *: Any evening Sun to Thurs. Any hours Fri 4pm until Sunday 10pm
Are there any circumstances which would prevent you from providing cover or swapping a shift? *: No
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Is there is any such information you wish to disclose, relating to any cautions or convictions which will appear on your mandatory DBS check? *: No/
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I agree that there is nothing which would prevent me from doing this job. *: Yes
I consent to the above *: Yes
I agree that the information I provide will be posted to the Dewis CIL PA noticeboard (all personal information will be withheld).: Yes
What geographical area’s are you able to cover?: Dinas Powys Penarth Sully Barry
How many hours of work can you offer per week?:
Please indicate the approximate times that you are available for work throughout the week.: Monday PM/Tuesday PM/Wednesday PM/Thursday PM/Friday PM/Friday Overnight/Saturday AM/Saturday PM/Saturday Overnight/Sunday AM/Sunday PM /
Further Information: During school holidays I would be available for full time hours day or night.