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Female Personal Assistant


My name is Stephanie, and I am a female aged 48 years. I live at home with my mother, my older sister and niece. We have a pet cat who is very important to me. 

My father lives in the Roath area of Cardiff and he visits me twice a week for a cup of tea and chat. I really like my father visiting me, especially as he brings me DVD’s and snacks!

I have learning disabilities and some mobility issues. My learning disabilities mean I cannot read or write, and I do not cook or clean for myself, or complete my own personal care tasks. I can go to the toilet by myself; however, my mother completes the other tasks for me. I sometimes say inappropriate things or ‘silly’ things, and sometimes I will respond to a question with an opposite answer. For example, I say I hate things when I don’t, but I am trying to stop doing this.

My mobility issues are that I sometimes feel dizzy and cannot walk around the house too much, and I do not go upstairs in my house or down the steps into my garden. I also do not go outside into the community or out in our family car. This is because I have agoraphobia and have not been outside of my house for over 4 years.

Before this I use to attend Tremorfa Day Centre where I completed activities with the support staff mainly in the community, but this eventually stopped as I was struggling to get in and out of buildings and the car. My mobility issues can also impact upon my mental health, however as I do not go outside anymore, I do not get as anxious about it as I was before. My anxiety does mean I do get anxious about things at home and need constant reassurance. I especially do not like change and will become anxious when I know a worker is due to visit and who this will be. Therefore, consistency is very important to me.   

I am a happy, friendly individual who likes to chat and ‘gossip’. I absolutely love movies and TV and I have hundreds of DVD’s that I look at and arrange every day. I am always asking for more DVDs, and I really enjoy going on my iPad or iPhone to look at Amazon and the DVD’s they sell. My mother or sister has to unlock my devices for me as I cannot read, write or understand numbers.

I also like to look at magazines, TV magazines being my favourite, and I also like arts and crafts activities, and sometimes I like cooking, if I am in the mood. When completing tasks, I do have a tendency to get bored easily and I find it difficult to follow instructions and I need lots of support and encouragement.

I also love music, and like singing, my favourites are Oasis, Guns N Roses, Elvis Presley and 60’s music. I have Alexa in my bedroom and like to listen to music when completing craft tasks or chatting.



I need support with activities within my home to support my socialisation with others and for me to have adults to chat with that are not part of my family, so I do not feel isolated.

I am happy to chat and look at magazines, complete craft activities and maybe small cooking tasks. I have lots of craft equipment. I would also be happy to watch a movie, as long as they are not scary!


I live in the Rumney area of Cardiff, in a semi-detached house. You would come to my home and complete activities with me in my bedroom, which is also my living room. I have a table and chairs in my room to complete tasks on. If we were going to do some cooking we would use our family kitchen, which is a nice big space.    



18 hours per week

Mondays 12pm – 4pm

Tuesdays 11am – 3pm

Wednesdays 12pm – 5pm

Thursdays 12pm – 5pm


£10.40 per hour



I would need a female worker as I can struggle with males and would not like one-to-one sessions with a male worker. Also, I may need assistance with personal care, that is going to the toilet and would only want a female worker to support me with this.

The worker would need to be reliable and punctual, I do not cope with change well, so would need consistency in a worker. I would struggle if lots of different workers visited me, and if they were late, or did not turn up.

The worker would need to be friendly, chatty, and happy to go along with what I wanted to do on the day, as sometimes I change my mind and do not feel like doing a planned activity. It would be great if the worker liked art type activities and music, and movies too. The worker would also need to be patient and understanding of my capabilities and struggles. 

Anyone working with me would need to have an enhanced DBS check, someone within my family are usually at home with me. But as I get to know a worker my mother and/or sister may go out of the house, therefore the worker would need to have an appropriate DBS check.

There will be no personal care tasks, beyond prompting to go to the toilet, and I will not need access to a vehicle or transport as all the sessions will take part in my home.

I have a pet cat, but he does not come into my bedroom, I do not smoke and neither does anyone in my family, therefore a worker would not be allowed to smoke in my house.



  • Social call – social direct session
  • Arts and crafts sessions
  • Listening to music
  • Cooking / baking



Essential Qualities

  • Reliable, punctual, and consistent.
  • Friendly, patient, flexible and adaptable to meet my individual needs.
  • Non-judgemental and understanding of my learning disabilities and capabilities.
  • Respect my confidentiality, privacy and personal space and home.

Desirable Qualities

  • Similar leisure interests.
  • Worker with experience of working with adults with learning disabilities.



Though a part-time job, this will be a proper job requiring a National Insurance number to be submitted. A probation period will be necessary in the first instance. Wages will be paid 4 weekly. You will receive 5.6 weeks paid holiday (pro rata). You will be required to apply for a DBS check at no expense to you.

Please Note: Dewis Centre for Independent Living is acting on behalf of a third party and will not be your employer or be liable for any issues arising out of your employment should you be offered employment.