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Weekend & Casual Personal Assistant


This is an interesting and varied job. I am a 47 year old male full time wheelchair user, living in Ystrad and working in the Fairwater area of Cardiff. You will be supporting me in my work and leisure time as well as helping me get out! I need casual workers and from May 2020, I will have a vacancy for weekend staff as well as some additional hours in the weekday, averaging around 16-20 a week depending on flexibility and availability to cover annual leave, sickness etc. I really need to get out and meet people locally, developing interests and forming friendships etc.
I have my own car. I work full time Monday to Friday 9am-5pm except Friday when I finish at 4:30pm. If it’s a workday for me, your job will start promptly at 7:15am as you’ll need to get me ready for work. I support other disabled people throughout Cardiff to employ their own PA’s and so confidentiality is vital as I also need assistance with office based tasks. Throughout the day I will need assistance to use the toilet as required, especially when not at home. You will be required to drive me to and from appointments, making notes as I require, prepare my lunch etc. When I finish work, we will then return home where you may need to prepare a sandwich etc, before normally finishing around 6:15pm to 6:30 depending on traffic. I use a traffic based sat-nav to avoid queues.
If you are working for me on a non-workday, you will need to assist me to get ready, performing any driving, domestic, personal or leisure tasks as required. I may need help to go out for the evening or away at weekends, during these times, you will be paid for any waking hours that you support me.
Obviously the tasks will vary if you support me whilst I’m away, sometimes weekends away can be very busy helping me to visit friends etc, sometimes not so busy, but always plenty of hours of work for you. If I go on holiday, it is generally to a cottage for a week in the UK or on a foreign holiday or to see my family and friends in Sussex. As a general rule of thumb I pay people for waking hours except when there are definite breaks, you do not get paid for sleeping as I don’t need support at night.
I do not require support at night so you will not be required to be there but obviously if we are away, I will book a twin room for us or separate if we are not the same gender.

I use a manual wheelchair, which I will need my personal assistant (PA) to push at times. They also need to be able to drive, cook (nothing special but if you can cook a roast dinner that will be a bonus) and assist with general household and personal care tasks. Privacy is very important to me so please do not be offended if I ask you to go outside or come back later when I’m with friends, or making a call etc. My lifestyle is interesting and varied and so in turn is this job.
My interests include travel, (UK and Europe), politics, listening to music, theatre, films, cars and TV soaps. Maybe I should stop there as it is beginning to sound like a dating advert!
You will not be required to lift me, but you will need to lift my wheelchair from time to time but it is quite light. Obviously, you may be more able to cover at some times than others, so please detail the kind of cover you can provide on the application form. Please give as much detail as possible, as I’m keen to know a bit about you.
I run my own payroll and you will be paid weekly in arrears although this may change to monthly in the future. My week runs Saturday to Friday with the money being in your account as cleared funds by the following Monday. This job is not cash-in-hand. If you can do some of the shifts but not all then please still apply. The more flexible you are, the more work I can offer you. My former PA was with me for 16 years, so I hope I’m a good employer!


To enable me to stay in employment, visit friends and family in a community et cetera.


Your normal place of work will be Ystrad, Rhondda but the nature of the job needs you will be travelling away from normal place of work on a regular basis.


If I am near home, weekend shifts normally start at 9am and can finish anytime between 1pm and 5pm depending on what I’m doing. The more flexible and versatile you are, the more hours I can offer.

If you can only work some of these hours- please apply if you are interested and hours can be discussed with the employer. 




It is essential that Employees are flexible and adaptable as my needs may vary from day to day and therefore the tasks required will vary accordingly. The tasks that Employees will be required to undertake include:
•Washing and bathing, including hair washing.
•Attending to skin, nails, ears etc as necessary so I don’t develop sores, wounds etc. In the very rare event that a wound does occur, changing dressings may be needed.
•Assistance dressing and undressing.
•Assistance with toilet arrangements from time to time. Normally only support with clothing is required.
•Preparing and cooking meals.
•General housework including cleaning, dusting, vacuuming and basic household maintenance.
•Making and changing of beds.
•General laundry tasks, including washing, ironing.
•Assisting with shopping and other associated tasks.
•Assistance with paperwork, filing, scanning, photocopying etc
•Assistance getting to meetings, appointments, social events, etc and providing any assistance whilst there.
•Assistance in and out of vehicles and driving my car.
•Assistance whilst at work taking notes at meetings etc.
•Assisting me with exercise
•Assistance with gardening and general maintenance of my home, car and wheelchair.
•Typing reports, letters etc as my job requires.

Training will be given in any aspect of the job you are unsure about. Common sense and initiative are essential however.
On occasions, employees may be required to perform other reasonable tasks appropriate to this type of employment.


Essential Requirements:

•To be professional yet friendly and to be in the background when required.
•To have a full UK manual driving licence with no serious convictions and no accident claims in recent years.
•Sense of humour.
•Must be able to respect my privacy and confidentiality and the confidentiality of any people I visit connected with my employment.
•Common sense and initiative.
•Reliable, honest and trustworthy.
•Willing to learn about my disability to aid my overall care.
•Able to be flexible and adaptable.
•Good spoken and written English.

Desirable Requirements:

•Ability to read maps (especially street maps).
•Non smoker (no smoking will be allowed inside my home, car or office).
•Similar leisure interests.
•Extensive computer knowledge and Microsoft products.
•Willingness to travel long distances with me and/or abroad such as Cyprus.


Though a part-time job, this will be a proper job requiring a National Insurance number to be submitted. A trial period will be necessary in the first instance. The wage will be paid monthly on return of a payslip provided by the Centre for Independent Living. You will receive 5.6 weeks paid holiday (pro rata). You may be required to apply for a DBS check at no expense to you.

Thank you.