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I am a Fourteen year old boy who lives near Aberdare.  I have an Autistic Spectrum Disorder and some complex behaviours; I do sometimes have trouble interacting with other children and some sensory difficulties.  I have OCD, in particular with doors and I struggle with travelling, I can have car anxieties.

I have what some Social Workers say is ‘high functioning autism’ which means I am intelligent, I have very good vocabulary for my age and I am very talkative although sometimes my language is not appropriate. I am a really happy person and when I feel comfortable around people I am sociable.  I can become very anxious in certain situations and this is when I feel I need to be more controlling  and if I decide I don’t want to do something then nothing will deter me from my decision.

I don’t enjoy activities which have lots of crowds; I can’t tolerate busy places or too many crowds of people being around me. I rely on others in particular my family to help and support me enjoy various activities. 

My behavior stops me from going out but there is a Teenage after school club I would like to attend in Brackla Ind Est, Bridgend.  I need the support of my mother to attend this but would need a personal assistance to drive us there and bring us home.  Car driver/owner is important for this position.

Ideally you would be a calm person with patience and a sense of humor.  Punctuality is equally important as lateness can affect a whole day’s behavior.


Out and about to Brackla Club in Bridgend


My mother is going to employ a personal assistant to support me when I go out and assist with driving us to and from Bridgend.

You will either use your own car or my parent’s car to drive us.


Total 8 hours weekly

Hours would be on a Thursday Afternoon.

Approx 14.30 as I have to be in Brackla for 15.45.

The club finishes at 17.30 so we would make our way home after this.

Approx finish 18.30

And a Saturday 10am-2pm to also attend the Brackla Club in Bridgend


£8.75 per hour

£15.00 lump payment per return trip to Brackla Club when your car is used.


  • Driving me and my mother to the Brackla club
  • Assisting me to familiarise with new places, especially on the first visit.
  • Support with socialising
  • Encouragement with participating in things
  • Chasing after me when I run
  • Taking me out to places that I enjoy – ie: sometimes we will only go out locally
  • Ensuring that the places we visit are suitable and do not make me feel uncomfortable; not too crowded or noisy.
  • Staying close by and supporting me
  • Making sure I have my inhaler with me at all times


  • Car Owner/Driver essential, with a clean driver’s license
  • Someone who will be willing to use my parent’s car if required. You will be added to the insurance so must have a clean licence
  • Enjoys similar interests, enjoys being active
  • Is not easily shocked and does not embarrass easy
  • Ability to diffuse situations is advantageous
  • Someone who is very fit and very active (Can run some distance if required)
  • Is happy to be outdoors enjoying doing things outside.
  • Experience useful familiarity of working with children though training will be given
  • Patience
  • Friendly and good company
  • Good sense of humour
  • Flexible
  • Positive approach to this type of work.
  • Able to work on own initiative


I will be your legal employer so you will need a National Insurance number. Pay will be four weekly by cheque and appropriate paid annual leave is given. There will be trial period involved and a police check will be necessary (which I will arrange).