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Temp Personal Assistant to cover maternity


I’m a 31 year old woman living in Porth. At the moment I feel trapped in my own home because I find it difficult to go out on my own – it feels like I cannot function properly unless there is someone with me to reassure and guide me. 

I have a diagnosis of Asperger’s, depression and audio processing disorder. The latter means it takes me a while to process words and meanings. I get anxious over what appears to be insignificant things, but to me it is a whole lot more and effects my day-to-day ability to cope. When things become overly stressful it feels like my brain is shutting down and I may have an absence episode. To you it might appear that I am fully capable and well enough to manage my life but the truth is I need support for even the most basic things.

I want to be able to go out and do ‘everyday’ type things like shopping, catching the bus to visit my mom, day trips to places of interest for example to St Fagan’s. I enjoy the cinema and would like to go regularly. 


To provide maternity cover for my current PA who goes on maternity in September 2024.


Up to 12 hours per week. 

Days/times to be discussed at interview. Flexibility essential.


£13.00 per hour


·         Supporting to access local activities, or going out for coffee

·         Supporting me to develop daily routines and keeping to them

·         Practice travelling on the bus so I become familiar and confident  with local routes

  •                Ensuring my safety and well-being at all times

·         Recognising signs of anxiety and fatigue and acting accordingly to alleviate symptoms, ie: taking me to a quiet place, talking it through it, reassuring me

·         Assist me to maintain focus on what’s important

·         You will help to create structure and routine within my home

·         Assistance with correspondence, reading and explaining my post, contacting companies on my behalf (eg, gas/electric) to deal with matters, replying to correspondence

·         Setting up appointments, arranging meeting etc on my behalf and being attendance when it happens

·         Explaining to me in clear detail about the meetings, what happened, if there’s any follow up action etc

·         Helping me to learn appropriate social cues


  • An enthusiastic, positive and friendly person is important
  • Good communication skills and patience is important, ie: be clear in speech
  • You’ll be perceptive to my changing moods and be able to manage them in a professional and appropriate way
  • Experience with individuals with a mental health or aspergers diagnosis is particularly desirable and it is important that the person is naturally caring, positive and supportive.
  • Reassuring me when I am feeling down, having a knack to take a positive approach to things that are troubling me
  • Essential that you will maintain confidentiality in all aspects of my life
  • Someone who is willing to learn about how my disabilities affect me and how best to support me through it
  • Very important that you are dependable and reliable
  • Someone who I can confidently and easily build rapport with
  • A car owner/driver


Though a part-time job, this will be a proper job requiring a National Insurance number to be submitted. A probationary period of 6 months will be necessary in the first instance. I will be your employer. The wage will be paid monthly on return of a payslip provided by the Centre for Independent Living. You will receive appropriate holidays and holiday pay.

This job is subject to a DBS check.

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