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Personal Assistant


I am 22 years old, and I am an artist and a writer, hoping to finish a creative undergraduate in the near future. I live at home with my parents and dog in Penarth.

I am autistic and I have hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (hEDS) with complications including Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), but I am committed to taking care of myself. The NHS and EDS UK websites are good resources to learn more about this.

I struggle with social interaction and new situations can overwhelm me. I can become isolated because of my limited mobility. I suffer from mild to severe flare-ups in my chronic pain. My executive dysfunction and physical limitations mean that daily organisation is not something I can do alone.

I am a part time wheelchair user, I sometimes need support when using it. I use it when I have flare ups, in addition to allowing me to access local amenities because I suffer with fatigue and need to keep my energy for the things I love doing. It is vital that I am able to keep active so that I don’t become isolated.

My interests include a wide variety of music, plants and nature, and art journalism. I’m vegan and enjoy nourishing food.


Your job will take place at my home in Penarth, as well as around Cardiff helping me get out to my local area or social events.


You will support me with most daily living tasks, organisation and helping me do things I enjoy. You will work as part of my team of PAs.


Minimum 5 hours per week, up to a maximum of 15 hours. There is an expectation you are willing to cover holidays and sickness on occasion. 


£13.10 per hour


·         Cooking with me / preparing food and ensuring that I have eaten

·        Medical support, including but not limited to helping put on supports and reminders for medication, helping with correspondence (reading through), supporting me to, during, and from medical appointments

·        Getting me what I need when I can’t move and/or walk, taking notes and staying up to date

·         Supporting me to access the local area

·         Assistance with shopping

·         Reassuring me through stress and helping me through personal crises, such as breakdowns or the beginning of a flare up

·         Assistance with journeys to allow me to be with nature or take part in activities

·         Joining me to take my dog for a walk

·         Overall support with day to day living tasks





·         A patient and friendly person is important

·         Non-discriminatory values are essential

·         Car driver and owner is not essential but would be helpful

·         Someone mature and sensible to deal with difficult situations, including in public

·         Experience of supporting roles and/or working with autistic people is essential

·         You must have an understanding of autism, even just the basics

·         Resourcefulness and adaptable, clear communication is essential so that you can adapt to my needs daily and troubleshoot challenging situations

·         Someone who enjoys a challenging but very rewarding job


About the Job:

This is a proper job requiring a National Insurance number to be submitted. A trial period will be necessary in the first instance. DEWIS will be involved with employing you and paperwork, however I will be your legal employer and main contact. The wage will be paid 4-weekly on return of a payslip provided by the Centre for Independent Living. You will receive 5.6 weeks paid holiday (pro rata). You will be required to apply for a DBS check at no expense to you.

Thank you.