Dewis Centre for Independent Living (C.I.L.)

A voluntary organisation working in six Local Authorities

Beliefs and Aims

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Beliefs and Aims


  • Dewis Centre for Independent Living believes that ‘choice’ is one of the most fundamental of human rights.
  • We believe that many disabled people have limited opportunity for choice in their lives and many have ‘choices’ taken from them.
  • We believe and support disabled people’s rights to develop their own independent lifestyle.
  • However, we recognise that many disabled people or their families may require all or some of the following to achieve this end: Some level of practical assistance, accessible information, one-to-one advice and guidance, and occasional or ongoing advocacy.


  • The aim of Dewis Centre for Independent Living’s services is to create greater opportunities for disabled people to develop their own independence and to benefit from wider social inclusion.
  • Dewis C.I.L. offers and provides services to disabled people which we believe will enhance ‘choice’ and ‘control’ in their lives. Our desire is that our services respond to disabled people’s needs and take into account their opinions of these services.
  • Dewis C.I.L.’s prime function has been to support disabled people who wish to take greater control over their community care needs. We continue to carry out this function by operating a Direct Payments Support Scheme which works in partnership with the various service teams from each Authority
  • Dewis C.I.L. continues to develop its services and projects which further enhance the issues and agenda associated with independence for disabled people. This will be pursued by listening to the views of disabled people and operating in accordance with our beliefs.
  • Dewis C.I.L. will only develop and offer services which are within its ability to ensure they are of a high quality and are responsive to the expressed needs of disabled people.