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Compliments Policy

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Compliments Policy

The purpose of this Compliments Policy is to ensure that compliments received from, service users, other organisations and partner bodies are properly recorded, acknowledged (where appropriate) and conveyed to the individuals being thanked and to all other staff.

Compliments will be regularly analysed so that areas for improvement and potential good practice can be identified and used to promote best practice.

Compliments and expressions of appreciation are valuable in monitoring the effectiveness of the service being offered by Dewis Centre for Independent Living. They can also provide useful learning points and examples of good practice which can be shared throughout the organisation to encourage our staff to continue to provide and improve on excellent customer service.

Dewis Centre for Independent Living is committed to providing the best possible service that it can and we encourage positive feedback from our service users.

We have developed this policy to explain our approach to handling compliments.


What is a compliment?

A compliment is an expression of satisfaction with a service made by an individual about the service received from Dewis Centre for Independent Living.

A compliment may be made in relation to an individual, a team or

Dewis Centre for Independent Living as a whole.

The compliment can be from any individual who engages a service or is in receipt of a service from Dewis Centre for Independent Living.


How can a compliment be given?

 An individual wishing to make a compliment can do so either:

  1. a)   In person at any of our offices
  2. b)   By phone
  3. c)   By e-mail to or
  4. d)   By letter
  5. e)   By putting comments in the suggestion boxes located at each office
  6. f)   By completing the compliments form

The compliment will then be passed on to the relevant member of staff within 3 working days along with their line manager.

Dewis Centre for Independent Living is committed to continuous improvement in service delivery and as part of this commitment an annual monitoring report will be prepared for quality assurance purposes for our Human Resources Sub Committee and senior management to scrutinise.

Dewis Centre for Independent Living will also collate compliments for purposes of submission to our partners on quality assurance as part of our contract reviews.