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About Direct Payments

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About Direct Payments

What are Direct Payments & how are they used?

Money provided directly from a Local Authority Social Services Department to someone who has been assessed as needing support or care.

Money provided as a Direct Payment must be used solely for the purposes of meeting the assessed need.

The amount of money provided will be dependent on a needs assessment which must be conducted by a Social Worker.

Using Direct Payments

The idea of providing a person with a Direct Payment is that Social Services are providing an individual with an opportunity to have more choice and more control over their care needs and the arrangements that go with it.

With Direct Payments you choose and you organise things which work for you.This is why Direct Payments create greater independence for people.

Personal Assistants

The vast majority of people who use Direct Payments employ personal assistants to support them and provide the care and assistance they need.

It often seems more difficult than it really is. For with a support organisation providing information, training and services, it is done very easily.

Very few people regret taking up Direct Payments, for when using them they quickly realise how they are able to restore some control in their life.