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Direct Payments from Social Services

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Direct Payments from Social Services

Asking your local Social Services department for Direct Payments

Who can use a Direct Payment?

People who use Direct Payments are sometimes individuals who were using services from their local Social Services, then wanted to change and have more control.

Some people who have never wanted to use services arranged by Social Services, but the first time they’ve needed or asked for support from Social Services, they’ve decided to choose Direct Payments.

In every case the person/child has to be eligible for services as identified by a needs assessment carried out by a Social Worker.

When it has been established, the Social Worker’s role is then to find a way of meeting that assessed need.

The important thing to remember is that if you have an identified need which makes you eligible for services from your local authority, then you have the right to ask for a Direct Payment, if you want it.

Speaking to Social Services

So, whatever local authority you live in, the first thing you must do is contact your Social Worker and ask about Direct Payments.

If you have no Social Worker, or you have no care package from Social Services, you should ring your local Social Services office and tell them about your needs and request an assessment.