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Personal Assistant 





I am a lady, in my mid 50s living in the Rumney area of Cardiff. I used to work in the care industry supporting people in the community and now I need the same for myself. I have a number of health issues and I’m in significant pain.. As this is a one-to-one position, I’d really like if you took time to get to know me and how I like things done and hopefully I’ll get to know you. My interests includeguitarpiano, painting, cake making and decorating. I am a creative person and love the theatre. I also love sport and work hard to follow an exercise regime. 

I read extensivelyhistory and political history is a passion of mine.  

I writewords and language are a keen interestI lived abroad for 10years and speak German fluently. 

Beauty and joy for me is being at a beach, or walking at a lake, followed by sitting on the floor, colouring and playing with little ones, and reading them stories, and I can acquire an audience with little effort. I am known very much as the 'play auntie'. 

I love a laugh and banter and am quick to respond with a (all be it usually very dry), witty repartee. 

I am a determined character with fortitude and although I am not naturally spontaneous, I thrive when others around me are upbeat personalities and encourage me in challenges. 




To help me with my personal care, meal preparation, practical tasks and socialisation. 




Monday to Sunday 

7:30am- 8:15am- to assist with washing, applying cream, dressing and breakfast.

12:30pm- 1:15pm- to assist with main meal.

2 x 1.5 hours (Tuesday and Friday)- 1:15pm- 2:45pm to assist to access the community.

There is some flexibility around these times.

14.5 hours total per week.

Due to UK employment law rules, I will need to split the job between two people (not necessarily equally) so please state your availability on the application form. 



£9.80 an hour. 




Tasks may include assistance or support with the following:  

  • Personal care and showering. 
  • Dressing, undressing. 
  • Meals and preparation. 
  • Medication/application of creams. 
  • Social outings, community activities. 
  • Shopping. 
  • Household duties. 
  • Any other reasonable task associated with this kind of employment. 






Please advisor employer if any specific gender/age/car owner is requested due to discrimination law. 

  • FemalePersonal tasks are to be completed. 
  • Reliable and punctual. 
  • Considerate, caring and trustworthy. 
  • Friendly/Chatty. 
  • Confident and proactive with common sense and initiative. 
  • Have a sensible approach to work. 
  • Car driver/Access to a car to transport employer. 
  • Consider if Pets in the home/Willing to work in the home of employer smokes. 




Though a part-time job, this will be a proper job requiring a National Insurance number to be submitted.  A probation period will be necessary in the first instance.  Wages will be paid 4 weekly.  You will receive 5.6 weeks paid holiday (pro rata). You will be required to apply for a DBS check at no expense to you.  

Please Note: Dewis Centre for Independent Living is acting on behalf of a third party and will not be your employer or be liable for any issues arising out of your employment should you be offered employment.