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Casual Part-time Personal Assistant


I am a 45 year old man living beside my family in Talbot Green.  As a result of a road traffic accident, I sustained a spinal injury, which has left me disabled.

I use a wheelchair for mobility, and need assistance to transfer.


I employ personal assistants to provide me with the support and assistance I need to look after myself in my home, and to give me independence.  Sometimes I might ask my personal assistant to go out with me for some activity I wish to do. I am looking for a casual personal assistant to provide cover for main carers for periods of absence such as annual leave or sickness.


Present hours worked by my personal assistants

Wednesday 5-6 pm and then 10pm until 1pm the following day.

Alternate Friday and Saturday at the same hours as above.

Hourly rate is £8.91

Midnight to 8am will be classed as a night sleep and paid at 69.76 per shift.

(For overnight cover, there is an upstairs bedroom)



Late Evening (10.00pm – 12.00am) 

  • Assisting me with transfer from wheelchair to bed, undressing, and personal care.

Overnight (12.00am – 8.00am)

  • Sleep night but on call - waking to turn me in bed at 8.00am

Morning (8.00am- 12.00pm)

  • Personal care in the mornings, showering, dressing
  • Breakfast / lunch


  • A person who is intelligent and open-minded
  • A person who will motivate me
  • Someone who is physically fit
  • A person who is dependable and arrives on time
  • Someone who would feel comfortable and relaxed working in my home and staying overnight
  • A person who respects the privacy and confidentiality of working in someone else’s home
  • A person with a positive commitment to this kind of work
  • A person who is flexible and who could provide extra hours on occasions would be an advantage
  • Someone who lives close by to enable cover possibly at short notice
  • Experience of personal care is an advantage, but a positive and helpful manner is the most important thing.
  • I am a smoker so must be someone who doesn’t mind it
  • We have a family dog so you must be animal friendly


Please fill in the application form as fully as possible so that I know what you want from the job. This will help me to select the right people.


Though a part-time job, this will be a proper job requiring a National Insurance number to be submitted.  

A trial period will be necessary in the first instance. 

The wage will be paid fortnightly and appropriate holiday pay given.

The post is subject to satisfactory references and a DBS (Police) Check - which will need to be carried out before employment can commence. The cost of this will be met by the employer. The relevant checks will be carried out to ensure any applicant has the right to work in the UK