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Personal Assistant


I'm a 7 year-old boy living within the Aberdare area with my mother, brother and dad. I have been diagnosed with a Visual impairment and currently in the process of having assessments completed for autism. I am a very happy, confident and bubbly boy. I love things such as trains, buses, roller coasters and lifts. I am looking to employ a PA to take me to my swimming lessons, local parks, trampolining and water parks. When I go out in the community I will take my teddy cat with me as I love cats.


My sight is mild so I am able to see shapes and colours but they are very fuzzy to me. I do use a cane but mostly in school. I am happy to take my cane out on sessions but guidance from yourself provides me with more comfort. I rely on verbal communication through my day to day life, for example when we are going to places I feel more safe and comfortable if someone was to explain to me where we are and where we are going.


I am a very confident young boy, and I will communicate when I am anxious or unsettled. I will tell you when something or someone is making me anxious for example when in loud places or if i hear a song I don’t like I will ask to go or turn the song off. You will sometimes see me with my hands over my ears this is me showing I am anxious and unsettled.


When out in the community sometimes I will need to use the toilet, I would need you to support with personal care requirements. Sometimes I am able to support myself with prompts and guidance but most of the time I require support from the PA. When attending the toilet you will need to supervise me at all times as I will use a lot of toilet roll due to being unable to see what I am doing.


I have a very good appetite and will eat mostly everything. However I dislike chocolate and sweets, and I also dislike people eating them foods in front of me. If you have eaten these foods please ensure you wash hands otherwise I will refuse you to come near me. I can become rather anxious and in this case I will sometimes start hitting myself. I am very independent with finger food, but when having meals my PA would need to break down the food place it on my fork and put the fork in my hand.

Purpose of Job:

Support me out within my local community and encourage me to be more independence as possible.


3 hours per week is available term time.

6 Hours per week available in school holidays.


£9.50 Per Hour

Mileage would be agreed with employer on a private agreement.


  • Support me with my swimming lessons.
  • Promote my independence.
  • Support me with my food.
  • Support with personal care requirements if needed
  • Ensure I am safe through sessions


  • Friendly
  • Enthusiastic
  • Energetic
  • Outgoing
  • Confident
  • Rather Stern as I can be rather stubborn
  • Must have a full UK driver’s license with business class insurance.


Though a part-time job, this will be a proper job requiring a National Insurance number to be submitted. A probationary period of 6 months will be necessary in the first instance. I will be your employer. The wage will be paid monthly on return of a payslip provided by the Centre for Independent Living. You will receive appropriate holidays and holiday pay. This job is subject to a DBS check.