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Casual Personal Assistant


About Me

My main disability is caused by secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis, although I do have other conditions including joint problems, asthma and type 2 diabetes but these do not cause me as much of an issue. Amongst other things the M.S has affected my balance, mobility, memory, energy levels (I fatigue very quickly), dexterity and fine touch sensation. Prior to the M.S becoming problematic I had just graduated with a chiropractic degree, but sadly I am no longer able to work as a result of my illness. Although I do encounter difficulties in doing these activities nowadays, I enjoy photography (landscape, flora and fauna particularly), singing, archaeology, going to museums with my partner, swimming and cooking, so am looking for someone able to assist me with these activities and also to help me with personal care, housework and shopping.                                                                                                                                               

Purpose of the Job

I require a casual personal assistant to cover for main PA when annual leave is taken and presently for a long term absence.

I am looking for someone to assist me with regard to participating in some of my activities, such as photography and visiting museums, taking me to visit my partner, helping me with regard to going out shopping, going to medical appointments or accessing the wider community, and enabling me to be able to go swimming again. I will also require help with regard to showering and dressing.

The job will also involve assisting me with some routine domestic chores including cleaning and cooking.

Place of Work

My home and also the wider community.

Hours of Work

28.5 hours per week, times negotiable.

Tasks to Include:

  • Assistance with shopping
  • Assistance with socialising and accessing the wider community
  • Assistance with going to medical appointments
  • Assistance with going swimming
  • Assistance with domestic chores including dusting/vacuuming/cleaning/cooking
  • Assistance with personal care

Type of Person Required

  • A car driver (use of my car may be possible if the successful applicant does not have use of a car themselves)
  • Preferably female (due to the personal care aspect of the role)
  • Someone who is patient and understanding and who has a mature approach and a good sense of humour.
  • Someone who will respect confidentiality, privacy and my home and property.
  • Preferably someone who shares my enjoyment of singing, museums, photography and swimming, or who at the very least can respect my need to participate in these activities and so is willing to assist me in them.
  • Someone who is either in a caring profession/training for a caring profession or who is committed to helping others.

I have no preference with regard to you being a smoker or non-smoker, but as I sometimes smoke I would expect you to respect my decision and not be offended by or judge me because of me smoking.

About the Job

As you will be legally employed by me (as opposed to self-employed) you will need a National Insurance number. Pay will be monthly by bank transfer, and will be based upon the number of hours worked. Appropriate paid annual leave will be given. A trial period will be involved.