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Personal Assistant


I’m a 9 Year old boy with learning difficulties. I live within the Pontypridd area with my Father. I enjoy swimming, bowling, going to the park, and the beach. One of my favorite things to do is to go to IKEA. However what i enjoy doing largely depends on my mood. The cinema, on the other hand, I will abjectly refuse to do. For the most part, it’s a case of asking me what I want to do, and then doing something I agree to on the day. Even asking me one week, what I would want to do the next week, often won’t work.

I struggle with loud places, but I may tolerate them if it is something I want to do, or at least if I knows they are coming. Eating is often a trigger for me. If I decide I don’t want to eat, or do not want to eat a certain thing, I will not change my mind.

Supporting me is an exercise in flexibility and improvisation. As someone gets to know me, it becomes easier, and the more time I spend with someone, the more I sees willing to trust them in doing something that I hasn't done before, or not for a long time. Most times, it will be a case of asking me what he wants to do and letting me pick... within reason, going to Ikea every week and eating nothing but McDonald's wouldn't be great either. But if I agree to go bowling, or go swimming, the PA must be ready for him to change his mind at any point. Especially if this was agreed to the last time I saw them.  I am pretty good with my own personal care and feeding himself etc, but I need constant supervision around roads and has no concept whatsoever of danger awareness.

I am very active, very friendly, very boisterous child. Full of energy and constantly on the go. If I finds something I am interested in, I will throw himself into it completely. I can be very competitive, but not to the point of getting nasty. For example, when bowling, I will want to score over a certain amount of points. I’m not really interested in winning or losing, just as long as I beat that score. My mood can get quite sour if I don’t achieve my goal. I am funny, confident, and intelligent and will want to get to know people, but that usually involves an almost ceaseless amount of question, often repeated ones, so it requires patience. I will often ask questions I already knows the answer to when I want to have a conversation but I don’t know how to start one. At the same time, asking me "what you did in school?" will get a chat out of me, whereas "did you have a nice day in school?" will only ever get you a "yes". So open questions are important. I would consider myself a learning curve, but one which most people who interact with me have found very rewarding if they can crack it.

Purpose of Job:

Support me within my local community and try promote me to be independent as possible.


7 hours per week to be worked every Thursday.


£10.50 Per Hour


  • Support me in local community.
  • Promote my independence.
  • Promote my intellectual skills
  • Support me to be more social.


  • Patient, kind and friendly.
  • Energetic, outgoing and easy to get along with.
  • Has knowledge / experience with learning difficulties.
  • Must have a full UK drivers license.



Though a part-time job, this will be a proper job requiring a National Insurance number to be submitted. A probationary period of 6 months will be necessary in the first instance. I will be your employer. The wage will be paid 4 weekly on return of a payslip provided by the Centre for Independent Living. You will receive appropriate holidays and holiday pay.

This job is subject to a DBS check.