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Personal Assistant


I am a 17-year-old boy living in Aberdare with my mother, father, chickens and fish. I think that I am a good communicator, a good friend, good at singing and dancing, good at making things and kind to animals. My parents say that I am funny, friendly and a bit of a ‘livewire’. I enjoy playing tricks on people and am a bit of a character. I like playing games and have lots of different games consoles. I especially like playing racing games where I can customise my cars and I also like to play Minecraft. I love animals especially dogs (although I am allergic to them) but I DO NOT like cats! I am particularly interested in the supernatural at the moment (especially ghosts). I enjoy helping my grandad with DIY and when he works on motorbikes. I like taking photos and putting my own videos on YouTube. I like fishing, imaginative play and the colour red. I love food but especially like McDonalds chicken and bacon wraps (without salad!) and strawberry ice cream (especially from Cyfartha Park). I like music and have been to music festivals with my parents previously. I especially like rap, rock and drum & bass. I enjoy going to the gym but am only allowed to use the machines at the moment because of my age. My parents say that I am train mad but I like all types of transport really. I enjoy going to car shows. I sometimes like my own company and sometimes prefer to be around others. I have 22q deletion syndrome which causes learning and physical health problems. I have a cleft palate and am deaf (although I wear hearing aids). I have some speech issues where I can struggle to be understood.   


I am looking for a PA who can assist me to have some independence away from my parents.


4 hours a fortnight, to be used flexibly (sometimes as 2 hours blocks or sometimes as a block of 4 hours).


£9.50 per hour plus mileage


  • Supporting me to access activities such as going to look at trains, going to the gym, going to parks or to see animals
  • Taking me to McDonalds or other places I would like to go
  • Keeping me safe at all times
  • Being a companion as well as my PA


  • Car owner/driver
  • Someone with experience of working with children with additional needs
  • Shows initiative
  • Good sense of humour
  • Someone who is happy to suggest new places for us to go
  • Must respect confidentiality


This will be a proper job requiring a National Insurance number to be submitted.  A trial period of six months will be necessary in the first instance. The wage will be paid monthly on return of a payslip provided by the Centre for Independent Living.  You will receive appropriate holidays and holiday pay. This post is subject to an enhanced police check (DBS) and training may be required if identified by the employer.