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Part-time Personal Assistant 


I am a 17-year-old boy living in the Ferndale area of RCT with my Grandmother. 

I love going swimming, to Dare Valley Country Park or any other parks really and Pets at Home. Even though they can be quite crowded I can find a quiet area to play in. I also like going to McDonalds and I love a Mayo Chicken.  

I tend to spend a lot of time with adults and I would like to interact more with people my own age and improve my social skills. I have a fixation with anything with a ‘spinning’ action.  

I have Autism and this affects many aspects of my life. I can communicate very well but sometimes it can be quite frustrating when I want to say something and I cannot express easily what it is. It is easier to understand when people use simplified terms to explain things. I have very little spatial awareness, no knowledge of road safety of ‘stranger danger’ so need to be watched constantly. dislike noisy or crowded places.


My grandmother is looking to employ a personal assistant to take me out socially. This will enable me to socialise independently and for me to improve my social skills. I am hoping that my PA will become like a buddy to me.  

I am keen to try new activities and to eventually build new friendships. It is important that I am motivated and encouraged to participate in different things. 


5.5 hours per week (1 PA) or 11 hours per month (when split between 2 PAs). The hours that I have are to be used flexibly but here is a guide to when I receive support: 

Monday-After 4pm 

Tuesday-After 4pm 

Wednesday-After 4pm 

Thursday-After 4pm 

Friday-After 4pm 


Please specify when applying how many hours you can work and when.  


£9.50 per hour 

£0.40p per mile allowance 


Taking me out to places of interest such as: 

  • Swimming 
  • Different parks 
  • McDonalds 

Motivating me to try new activities and to interact with other children and build new friendships.


  • Male due to needing assistance to go to use public toilets 
  • A person who is willing to interact, explain things in simplified terms and have patience. 
  • Someone who has access to their own car and is willing to use the car for work purposes. (Business Class Insurance is essential) 
  • A competent swimmer. 
  • Someone who can motivate me and encourage me to try new things. 
  • Someone who will be a friend and not just a PA. 


You will be required to undertake a Child Protection Course, you may also be required to undertake any other relevant courses when they become available. 

The position is subject to references and an enhanced police check. 




Though a part-time job, this will be a proper job requiring a National Insurance number to be submitted.  A trial period will be necessary in the first instance. The wage will be paid monthly on return of a payslip provided by the Centre for Independent Living.  You will receive appropriate holidays and holiday pay.