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2:1 support

4 x Personal Assistants


I am a 91 year old male living with my wife in the area of Cowbridge.  I have been a farmer all my life and was active on the farm until last year.

I have lost mobility in recent months after a period being bed bound after having a fall and through a bout of influenza. I am currently working on exercises given by the physio to rebuild my strength to start walking again.

I currently spend most of my daytime sitting in the lounge armchair and I need help to get out of bed in the mornings and to return to bed at night.  I require help to wash and dress and I also require assistance with getting to and using the commode.  I currently use a Steady to move between chair, bed, wheelchair and commode.

I have a toe infection in my RHS big toe which is healing very slowly due to having poor circulation from vascular disease..

My short term memory is poor and I often ask the same questions repeatedly but it is surprising what I can remember when least expected.

I almost always politely decline offers of food and drink but most often I tuck in and eat most of my food once its put in front of me.

I have two cats, a loving dog who cheer me up together with chickens and geese contained in a large cage outside.  My family members will tend to all of the animals each day when they visit.  I need to be kept an eye on when I have my meals to make sure I don’t give too much of my food to the dog.

I like to read the newspaper and the farmers weekly and/or watch TV.  I particularly like watching farming programs, the rugby or a good old western.


My wife is currently in hospital having suffered sepsis and infections following extremely invasive cancer surgery and has spent many weeks in hospital recovering from her illness. During which time, I have been cared for by family but that care cannot continue after January. So I am seeking to employ personal assistant(s) to support me with the tasks set out below as I am incapable of doing them myself anymore. I also require 2:1 support.  It is very likely that when my wife comes home from hospital, she will still take some time to fully recover and so she will not be strong enough to fully take over my care for some time.  In fact, it is likely she may need support assistance also while she recovers, but we will review her needs at the time.


At my home in Cowbridge


There are 34.5 hours a week available which is  2:1 support, ideally scheduled for three 1.5 hr visits a day in the morning, noon and early evening with three weekdays days a week, the midday visits are increased to 2.5 hours 7 days per week.

Ideally we are looking for a team of 4 to job share the hours. To see the availability grid please email [email protected] or call 01443 827930 ext30  (please list on application what shifts you ca cover)


£10.55 per hour


  • Get me out of bed each morning, bathe me, dress me, help me clean my teeth and get me to my chair and feed me breakfast
  • To ensure prescribed medications are given each morning and night
  • To assist me in getting to the commode when required and ensuring I am cleaned afterwards, with fresh clothes if necessary.
  • To prepare lunch and ensure availability of fluids through the day
  • To generally chat with me and bring some joy, activity and social interaction into my day
  • To prepare my evening tea, ensure I am clean and dry before preparing me for bed.
  • keep on top of my laundry needs
  • to keep an eye out for sores, infections or general medical needs and discuss suitable measures with family members
  • Assist me in doing my physio exercises
  • Liaising with family to ensure my best interests
  • Family members will arrange provisions of groceries


  • Experience of care work/ manual handling would be desirable
  • Someone who will be reliable
  • Trustworthy
  • Someone who will respect my home and belongings
  • Friendly and enthusiastic
  • Driver required
  • Helping with cleaning around the house including laundry
  • Someone who doesn’t mind the dog and cats
  • Willing to prepare and cook fresh food provided
  • 2:1 support



Though a part-time job, this will be a proper job requiring a National Insurance number to be submitted.  A trial period will be necessary in the first instance.  The wage will be paid monthly on return of a payslip provided by the Centre for Independent Living.  You will receive 5.6 weeks paid holiday (pro rata). You may be required to apply for a DBS check at no expense to you.


Thank you.