Dewis Centre for Independent Living (C.I.L.)

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ILF Support Scheme

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ILF Support Scheme

I.L.F. Support Scheme & Self Funded Care

Support with the Independent Living Fund

The Independent Living Fund is a government-sponsored charity which provides financial awards to disabled people in addition to the funded care which is received from Social Services.

Though the Independent Living Fund does provide general information, it cannot help people who use this money for care to employ personal assistants or buy services.

This is where Dewis C.I.L. can help. We can offer users of ILF the same kind of assistance which is provided to people who use Direct Payments.

Therefore, Dewis C.I.L. can provide assistance in recruiting a personal assistant, with interviews, in budgeting, in providing a payroll service and with employment advice.

The Independent Living Fund will supply a user of their funds with what is known as a ‘ agency fee’ of £12 per week. If the Independent living fund are told that you wish to use the services of Dewis C.I.L. for support then they will supply this fee on top of the award that you would normally get.

It is this fee, which you debit to us, that enables us to provide the service we do to people who use ILF awards.

Self Funded Care

Dewis C.I.L. can supply a similar kind of support to disabled people whose care will be self funded. This might be from personal finances, or court awards, or trusts, etc which are designated for purchasing care and support.

As Dewis C.I.L. has the the experience and necessary systems in place to assist people to recruit care staff and for an individual (or a trust) to employ them, it can offer this service to disabled people.

Dewis C.I.L. already provides this service to people from several Local Authorities in Wales