Dewis Centre for Independent Living (C.I.L.)

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Recruitment Support

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Recruitment Support

Who is involved?

Dewis C.I.L. believes that a positive relationship between a personal assistant and a user of Direct Payments is vital in developing and maintaining independence.

Dewis C.I.L. assists people new to Direct Payments (and/or other forms of funding a care package) to recruit their own personal assistants. The support is also there for people who need to find replacement or extra personal assistants.

Recruitment support generally involves one of Dewis C.I.L.’s Direct Payments Advisors and administration staff within the office who take calls, send out information and maintain records.

The Process

A Direct Payment Advisor is available to help organise things. This can involve drawing up or amending a job description; drafting adverts and placing them appropriately such as the jobcentre or in newspapers, etc.

As people interested in each job make enquiries to Dewis C.I.L., we will then take down applicant details and send out application forms with information particular to the job.

When sufficient application forms are returned for the Direct Payment user to make a choice, our Advisor will help in organising interviews. Of course, we will support people to interview which might even mean assisting to draw up the necessary questions.

Even though Dewis C.I.L. offers its support, it can’t guarantee a time scale for a personal assistant to be recruited.