Dewis Centre for Independent Living (C.I.L.)

A voluntary organisation working in six Local Authorities

PA & Volunteer Training

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PA & Volunteer Training

Courses aimed at personal asistance work

This project was originally funded until March 2011 with support from the Coalfields Regeneration Trust.

The courses offered are open to a variety of people whio presently work with disabled people, but also volunteers, or people interested in the varied and rewarding job of a personal assistant.

All our courses are designed so that participants can gain a better insight into how their individual role affects the disabled person who they are in contact with. The courses are also set out from the perspective of disability equality and in the spirit of promoting independence and choice for disabled people.

They are interactive and enjoyable.

People who presently use Direct Payments can use their Direct Payments to pay for their personal assistants to go on these courses.  It is a very positive use of the money because it’s investing in the PA and ultimately the job as a whole is rewarded – then everybody benefits. Direct Payments users can attend these courses too which makes them unique.

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