Dewis Centre for Independent Living (C.I.L.)

A voluntary organisation working in six Local Authorities

Training Courses

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Training Courses

Courses Dewis C.I.L. can provide directly
Induction to personal assistance work (roles and values)
Dignity in care working as a PA
Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
Disability Equality & Models of Disability
Safeguarding and working as a PA
Health & Safety working as a PA
Moving and Handling awareness training
Awareness and responding to hate crime
Equality legislation: The Human Rights Act and Equality Act
Learning disability awareness
Disability Awareness Training
Independent Living principles and values

All courses provided directly by Dewis C.I.L. can be tailored to specific needs and times.

Courses Dewis C.I.L. can co-ordinate
First Aid in the home / and beyond
Impairment specific awareness courses
Infection Control
Safe handling of Medication
Bereavement and Funeral Planning
Stress Awareness [CIEH Accredited]
Data Protection
Food Hygiene
Child abuse awareness
Serious Failings in Health & Social Care
Awareness of Sensory Loss

All courses co-ordinated by Dewis C.I.L. will need to be accessed through each local authority training programme.