Quote ref: CDP2206 and register your interest by calling 029 22405060

Closing date: 16/08/2024

Relief Self Employed Personal Assistant Required



I am a mature female who is visually impaired, living in the Canton area of Cardiff.


A caring, responsible, honest, reliable and good domestic cleaner is sought for 5 hours per week for cleaning and domestic care duties for a Canton based visually impaired person.




In my home.



Relief cover for up to 5 Hours per week.


£14.78 per hour.


Under a self-employed contract and provide monthly invoicing.

I am looking for someone to provide support with the following -

  • Mindful thorough cleaning of a 3-bedroom  mid-terrace house


  • Checking on food items and making sure they remain fresh.


  • Checking items of clothes for stains and wear and tare.


  • Reporting on general maintenance in the house and giving clear and detailed feedback.




  • Excellent command of written and spoken English


  • Excellent descriptive and communication skills – This means being particularly good eye and understanding of colour, fabrics and the practical functioning of a house.


  • Have good spatial awareness and have a good eye and understanding of colour, style and design.


  • Be reliable and punctual.


  • Be registered as self-employed.


As a self-employed PA you will be responsible for the following


  • Providing the service user with a Unique Tax Reference (UTR) issued by HMRC on HMRC headed paper stating you are self-employed.


  • Arranging your own insurance cover to guard you against public liability insurance and where needed employer’s liability insurance.


  • Providing a contract/cost of service/holiday & sickness arrangements, which would be mutually agreed by the service user, including when and where to undertake the work.


  • Providing the service user with invoices quoting your HMRC registration number to request payment from them for the specific service(s) you have undertaken.


  • Arranging your own tax, national insurance and your general accounts.


  • Providing your own equipment (unless agreed otherwise in a contract agreement).


  • Providing other workers to support the service user if you are unable to provide the service yourself.


  • You will also be responsible for arranging your own DBS check and providing evidence to the service user of this.


Thank you.