The scheme has been introduced by Welsh Government who are introducing the Real Living Wage for certain groups of social care workers. The additional payment demonstrates a commitment to improve the status, terms and conditions and career pathways for social care workers. The Welsh Government want more people to have long careers as professional social care workers Payment is a one-off payment of £1498 for eligible full time or part time staff which can either be claimed in a lump sum or five monthly instalments. The payment will be subject to deductions for income tax, national insurance. And will be treated as income for benefit purposes.

If PA’s pay tax at the basic rate (20%), it is likely they will receive approximately £1000 net. If they earn under the tax threshold, they may receive more than £1000 and if they are a higher rate tax payer they will receive less, depending on their individual circumstances.


To receive this payment, PAs must have been employed in an eligible role and worked six days during the previous six months. The six days do not need to be consecutive.

PAs can only claim one payment regardless of the number of employers they have with eligible roles (Part time workers)

Details of the scheme and eligibility can be found on the attached Welsh Government Guidance note:

English Guidance

Welsh Guidance

Cardiff Council will be writing to all employers of eligible staff. It is the employer’s responsibility to identify eligible staff. Employers will advise eligible PA’s to complete a web based declaration using the link below:


This is in place of the paper Form 1.

If you think you are eligible for a payment, speak to your employer.

All claims must be submitted by 30/04/22 to enable payment in June. New starters from 01/04/22 to 30/06/22 should apply by 18/05/22. If they start after 18/05/22 as soon as possible. New starters after 30/06/22 are not eligible for this additional payment.

Should you have any queries, please ask your employer to contact their DEWIS advisor.