We recognise choice as a fundamental right and believe disabled people have the freedom to choose and take control of their lives.

Dewis is committed to supporting disabled people, regardless of disability and aims to promote diversity and equality across Wales. 

Our vision is to provide support for disabled people, to help them achieve an independent way of living by:

  • Supplying disabled people and their families with a support scheme to employ personal assistants.
  • Creating greater opportunities for disabled people’s independence.
  • Enabling disabled people and their families to have a voice.
  • Providing support to help people achieve their personal goals and objectives.
  • Recruit, develop and train volunteers, providing greater opportunities for all.
  • Developing Dewis’s services by working with disabled people.
  • Improving people’s quality of life by providing choice.
  • Removing any barriers that limit flexibility, choice, and control.
  • Promoting diversity and equality for all.
  • Supporting disabled people to fight for their rights.