Dewis CIL Payroll Service takes the stress out of running your payroll.

Letting you concentrate on what’s important.

If you would like to submit hours through the Payroll Portal on this website then please:

Click Here for Cardiff

Click Here for RCT, Vale of Glamorgan

What is a Payroll Service?

If you are considering employing your own staff using Direct Payments or Independent Living Fund but are worried about being an employer, then Dewis CIL Payroll Service can support you.

If you choose to use the Payroll service we will calculate the wages and taxes for your staff and prepare records for HM Revenue and Customs.

How does it work?

  1. You tell us how many hours your employees have worked  together with any expenses due on a time sheet.
  2. You and  your PA must sign the back of the time sheet
  3. You send the time sheet to  the address  or email address below
  4. You use the appropriate payroll schedule to ensure the dates on the time sheet are correct
  5. We will work out the wages for each of your employees including tax and national insurance
  6. We will send you a payslip for each employee
  7.  You need to give each employee a cheque for the calculated amount
  8. We will tell you how much you need to pay HM Revenue and Customs every quarter or month
  9. We will prepare the end of year returns for HM Revenue and Customs

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