I have a new PA,  what do I need to do to pay them?

To be able to put your PA on the payroll, they will need to complete a New Starter form. This form contains important information needed by HMRC, such as your PAs date of birth and NI number. They will also need to complete a P46 if they do not give you a P45.

How long will it take to send my payroll back to me?

In most cases, timesheets are processed on the day they are received or the day following and are returned by first class post that evening.

What happens if I fail to fill the timesheet in accurately?

Timesheets received with missing or inaccurate information may be delayed in being processed and returned. Always complete all areas of the timesheet. If in doubt contact the Payroll team

I made a mistake on my timesheet and realised after my payslips were returned, what should I do?

If you make a mistake on your timesheets and did not realise until after it had been processed, telephone a member of our Payroll team who will record the alterations. These will be processed at the next pay period.

My PA is sick, should I still send in a timesheet?

If your PA is sick, they may be entitled to Statutory Sick Pay. Complete a timesheet for the day/s that your PA usually works and enter SICK in each day that they are sick. We will calculate if any SSP is due to be paid.

Should my PA provide any evidence of their illness?

Yes, your PA should complete a self-declaration form for the first seven calendar days they are away from work ill and then a fit note from their doctor for the eighth day and beyond.

How can I pay my PA SSP and someone to cover their work, I don’t think I will have enough money?

SSP is offset against any monies that you pay over to the Inland Revenue. If your IR bill is usually zero, contact our Payroll department where someone will request any necessary funding from HMRC for you.

My PA is leaving, what should I do?

You will need to complete a PA Leaver form. This will advise our payroll staff of the date that your PA finished together with any outstanding annual leave and notice payment to be paid. This form will also alert the payroll staff to raising a P45 which by law, has to be passed to your PA immediately.