Membership of the Organisation

Dewis C.I.L. offers membership of the organisation to all users of its services who support the aims and ethos of the Organisation. Membership is also open to Personal Assistants, although their membership status is differnet from that of its service users.

Membership of the organisation permits the member to vote at A.G.M.s and at E.G.M.s.

Individuals who become members may put themselves forward for election as a Trustee.

For more information contact [email protected]

The Role of a Trustee

Dewis Centre for Independent Living is a registered charity and therefore has Trustees. The Trustees act as a management committee who oversee the running of the organisation. The Chief Executive is answerable to the Trustees and is charged with managing the day-to-day running of the organisation. The Trustees meet every month as either a full management Trustee meeting or as their Human Resources or Finance sub committee.

As a user led organisation, the constitution of the organisation determines that two thirds of the Charity’s Trustees should be disabled people. It also stipulates that the majority of its members should be disabled people too.

The current Trustees Management Committee has 12 Trustees, 8 of whom are users of Direct Payments.