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Job title:


Carer/PA (Home care).


Job Description:

The client needs support from his carers in all his activities both at home and when undertaking his various activities out of the home.


The client is an active young man who enjoys all the usual things that young men enjoy. He needs help with these things because of his learning disabilities, his challenging behaviour and his cerebral palsy.


He needs support with his personal care and in managing his challenging behaviour.


The post will initially be as a second carer with the intention that the person will be able to become a first carer following induction, training and experience.

In order to be considered the candidate must demonstrate experience and/or skills relevant to this specific post at each stage of the application process.




The second carer works under the supervision of the first carer.  The carer will also give cover for breaks for the first carer and carry out their duties in support of both the client and the first carer


The carer’s role will be to assist the first carer when offering the client full support with his personal care including good hygiene, managing his incontinence and keeping stocks and possession in good order.


The carer will assist the first carer in offering personal and social support with a range of activities as described in his Care Management Plan. This will include personal care, managing challenging behaviour, accompanying the client to a range of activities and keeping the home environment clean, tidy & safe.


The client is an active man and enjoys watching motorbikes and trucks he loves music and dancing and being outside. He has a variety of structured physical games, some are robust.



Competencies and skills:


As well as being able support the first carer and client in undertaking a range of personal care the carer must be able to build a good relationship with the client so humour and patience are essential. Because of the client’s past experience it is important to build a trusting relationship and that is essential to the role.


The client has a robust approach to life and enjoys physical interaction with his carers. This is managed through a range of structured physical interactions and so the carer needs to be robust enough to enjoy physical games and be able to give big hugs.


Manual handling and restraint skills are desirable but can be learned in post.


An understanding of the ethics of caring are an advantage (confidentiality, choice, working in the clients best interest etc).





The carer is employed by the client’s mother and managed by the client’s grandfather [with whom he lives].




Pay is four weekly in arrear at the rate of £11.00 an hour.


Hours of work:


There is an expectation that this post will be for about 112 hours per four-week pay period.


The rota is arranged in advance and the hours are day-hours between 08.00hrs and 22.00hrs with the rota being built around the client’s needs with the possibility of negotiated flexibility.


Please note: the single most important factor is being able to form a mentally and physically robust relationship with the client and applicants who feel this is their strong point but who may feel that they lack other criteria are encouraged to apply.



Though a part-time job, this will be a proper job requiring a National Insurance number to be submitted.  A probation period will be necessary in the first instance.  Wages will be paid 4 weekly.  You will receive 5.6 weeks paid holiday (pro rata). You will be required to apply for a DBS check at no expense to you.

Please Note: Dewis Centre for Independent Living is acting on behalf of a third party and will not be your employer or be liable for any issues arising out of your employment should you be offered employment.



Thank you.