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Personal Assistant


I am an excitable and energetic 20-year-old young lady living in Aberaman with my parents. We are an active family and I love playing outside on my scooter and trike and outdoor games and activities, but I do tire very easily. I really love car rides as well.

As a family we have a positive attitude to what I can achieve, and we feel it’s important for me to be as independent as possible and do as much as possible for myself. I have Radio Tartaglia syndrome which encompasses ADHD, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, learning difficulties, hypermobility syndrome, hypotonia and various other conditions which affect the way my joints work and my understanding of situations I find myself in.

I’m fine moving around the house and travelling locally. I have a wheelchair as back up on long days out to help prevent joint and muscle pain from over exertion. This ensures I can enjoy myself when we get where we are going.

 I have a speech impediment which sometimes means people struggle to understand me. Once you get to know me though, you’ll soon learn to understand what I’m saying and I’m happy to get my point across using my iPad and phone.

My Mum and Dad have been teaching me ‘life skills’ such as money handling, personal care and tidying up after myself. I think everyone is my friend, even if I have only spoken to them briefly in a shop, and results in me being quite vulnerable. As such I need to have constant monitoring when out and about to keep me safe. 

I am definitely not a fan of crowds. Despite this, I love shopping. Especially to shops like the Works, Hobbycraft and Primark to name a few. 

I struggle to understand emotions and body language, meaning I can misunderstand what is happening within a social setting. I can get quite anxious and upset as I will default to it being a negative situation, even when it really isn’t. I need help to understand these social situations to help me carry on building upon my understanding of my emotions and those of other people.  


My Mum and Dad would like to employ a personal assistant for 18 hours per week. This is to enable me to spend some time away from the family and experience new and different things. I’d like to develop my social skills and continue to work on life skills to enable to live a full and active life. 


There are 18 hours to be worked per week.

The hours of work are to be flexible by negotiation, including weekends. 


£11.60 per hour

40p per mile when we travel together in your car


·        Going out and about

·        Taking me to places I enjoy

·        Going out for walks in all weather

·        Taking me to clubs and organised activities

·        Being responsible for my safety while out and about

·        Helping me to learn new skills such as paying for things and using public transport


·        Someone patient who will take time to get to know me

·        Someone who has a positive view on what I can achieve

·        Someone who will treat me as an individual not a disabled child

·        Someone who can have fun

·        Someone who is active and full of life

·        Someone who will enjoy my company

·        Someone who is fit and healthy to meet my needs

·        Someone who can drive and has use of a car

·        Someone trustworthy, punctual and reliable


This will be a proper job requiring a National Insurance number to be submitted.  A trial period of six months will be necessary in the first instance. The wage will be paid four-weekly on return of a payslip provided by the Centre for Independent Living.  You will receive appropriate holidays and holiday pay. This post is subject to an enhanced police check (DBS) and training may be required if identified by the employer.