“The mental health advocate Dewis appointed to oversee, review & effect change for the inadequate treatment I received related to complex-PTSD, resulted in a complete overhaul by my CMHT (Community Mental Health Team) in developing a working & consistent care-plan that has yielded life changing progress. With the support and patience of my advocate, a formal complaint led to a huge shift in the standard of care provided, with a full time, open-ended course of EMDR therapy now under way. The differences are staggering.

Until the advocate became involved, I felt the help I received was at best a blister pack. When you break a leg, you pretty much know the course of action, but when you break your mind it can be a labyrinth of difficulty getting the help you need. Without the advocate’s commitment & focus, the gains made in rehabilitation might have been lost among a fractured & critically under-funded sector. Thank-you for creating this long overdue chance at a new life, DEWIS ROCK!”


September 2019