Dewis advocacy services helped untangle a hugely complex set of long-term issues accessing therapy for p.t.s.d.

The advocate appointed helped to define and create a genuine set of treatment changes which in turn improved care-plans, crisis-plans, physio, improved quality of meds reviews and guided us through a mythological labyrinth of health board obfuscation. Myself and family cannot thank Dewis enough for staying the course, formulating a knotty entangled complaint and essentially bringing ballast to a desperate situation spiralling nightmarishly out of control. Tough margins when your life is a repetition of seeing, reading or hearing “not a suitable candidate for further therapeutic interventions“ from medical decision-makers.

Until it’s you looking for access to very specific public healthcare pathways, none of us have any genuine idea of how convoluted and cluttered CMHT practices are. Yes, there are funding shortfalls but the difference in tone and action from consultants, senior house officers, CPN’s and counselling practitioners when an advocate is present at any appointment, compared to flying solo, is staggering. Even then, it took multiple periods of brutal graft to actualise best case scenarios but we finally got there.

Simply indispensable in a world where evidence-based practices, positive long-term outcomes for p.t.s.d. patients and less time in-service are seemingly dismissed or, at worst, abandoned entirely.

Thank you especially to the advocate concerned - diligent, patient, listened, offered options on multiple strands of healthcare organisation, I dread to think where we’d be without your support.

Diolch yn fawr iawn.

August 2023