Personal Assistant Application Form Submission

Title (required): Miss.Town (required): CaerphillyCounty (required): Mid GlamorganPhone number (required): 
I confirm that I have the right to work in the UK and am able to prove my eligibility status when required to do so. (required): YesPlease read the Job Description carefully before providing information in this Section of the Application Form. Give details of your previous employment or experience which you think would help you to do this job. (required): I am a caring, sensitive, and friendly individual with experience providing care and assistance to children within the educational sector. I worked in a local primary school for 11 years (2010-2020) working with children from the ages of 3 to 11 which I thoroughly enjoyed. My role as a Learning Support Assistant (LSA) included organising the classroom effectively, planning educational activities, maintaining the safety of large groups of children and gaining trusting relationships with children from various backgrounds to maximise their potential. My role focused on working with children with various additional learning needs such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Cerebral Palsy, Down’s syndrome and other disabilities that need extra support throughout the school day. I also worked with a child living with Autism which I found incredibly rewarding and informative. I felt I could contribute to a safe, secure and stimulating environment for children and enjoyed providing fun and exciting activities to engage pupils and covering classes when required. My experience working with children has allowed me to realise the rewards of making a difference in childrens lives. Late 2021 I began working as a support worker at Touchbase Cymru Wales working alongside individuals with complex learning needs, providing personal care, maintaining safety and maximising their full potential and allowing them to have experiences that would not normally be accessible without our support by accessing the community. April 2022 I was promoted to the management team as a team leader, as part of this role I adopted extra responsibilities such as organising staff rotas, taking part and implementing change, working alongside other managers and communicating with families and relevant organisations. Just before I qualified, I took on a teacher role to cover the four Coleg Y Cymoedd campuses. This was a challenging role that I often use my initiative to ensure the students are gaining an excellent learning experience in the absence of their course tutor and invigilate exams. This led to gaining experience of planning, delivering, and assessing within a post compulsory environment whilst implementing individual targets and following organisations policies and procedures to create an environment to allow students to thrive. Both roles required working alongside individuals that display challenging behaviours and implementing strategies to understand behaviours and deescalate when possible. I worked at Trinity Fields School and Resource Centre as a class teacher through Teaching Personnel covering classes in the absence of the class teacher. I enjoyed this role and it gave me an opportunity to observe routines and build important relationships with pupils. I enjoyed having the opportunity to experience the setting and identifying new strategies to benefit the pupils and manage behaviour positively and safely. I enjoy working with a team and which I have demonstrated by attending various meetings with colleagues and parents, including planning meetings, team building exercises and liaising with the inter-disciplinary team within the school. I currently work in Woodlands high school with students with additional needs as a HTLA.What qualities do you think are important when working as a personal assistant with a disabled person? (required): Throughout my experiences working in a school, college and working in the health and social sector, I feel I have developed the skills to communicate in a professional manner, and believe I am able to utilise these skills both verbally and digitally to relay messages and share relevant information to students, colleagues, families, and service users. I believe that you need to be confident, patient and firm and ensure that the individuals needs are put first. It is important to understand that choices need to be made by the individual as long as these choices are safe to do so. It is crucial that any time with this person is tailored to their ability and enjoyment. As part of my current role, I have undertaken training such as first aid, medication, safeguarding and positive reinforcement training.How do you think you can contribute towards the needs and the independence of a disabled person? (required): *To help them make their own choices *To build a good relationship *To promote independence but ensuring they are safe at all times *To learn about activities/topics of conversation they enjoy *Confident but firm *Good relationship with parents/carers and work as a team *Be patience and ensure tasks are completed in own timeWhat is it about PA work which appeals to you? (required): I really enjoy supporting individuals to thrive and it is very rewarding to support these individuals do things that they would not be able to do independently. I have a vast amount of experience in this area.What are your hobbies/interests?: In my spare time, I enjoy walking and caring for my two dogs, spending time with my friends and family and maintaining an active lifestyle. I have also participated in street dancing since I was 11 and for many years taught children aged 4-16 to dance and participate in dance shows and competitions.Would you consider a casual position if you are unsuccessful with this job? (required): YesDo you speak any other languages? (required): NoDo you drive? (required): YesAre you a vehicle owner?  (required): YesDo you smoke? (required): NoAre you able to undertake training? (required): YesWhat days/nights are you able to work, or prefer to work?  (required): Sun morning but maybe Tues or Thurs eveningsAre there any circumstances which would prevent you from providing cover or swapping a shift? (required): YesIf you would like to expand on the answers given above? Please use the box below.:Is there is any such information you wish to disclose, relating to any cautions or convictions which will appear on your mandatory DBS check? (required): No/Please provide details if necessary:I agree that there is nothing which would prevent me from doing this job. (required): YesI consent to the above (required): YesI agree that the information I provide will be posted to the Dewis CIL PA noticeboard (all personal information will be withheld).: YesWhat geographical area’s are you able to cover?: Caerphilly & PontypriddHow many hours of work can you offer per week? (required): 6Please indicate the approximate times that you are available for work throughout the week.: Tuesday PM/Thursday PM/Saturday PM/Sunday AM/Further Information: