I have 2 Personal Assistants (Pauline and Sheila) to help me as I have secondary breast cancer and have had a stroke on my right side - I have used Direct Payments with various companies for over 20 years, I’m currently with DEWIS CIL, and they are excellent in helping me with any query that arises.

I'm allowed 14.5 hours every week from Cardiff Council, which pays the equivalent money, each month, into a separate bank account which I opened for Cardiff Council.

Pauline works 6.5 hours each week to she help me shower, wash, and gets my breakfast, takes me to appointments, opticians, dentist, podiatry clinic and Velindre Hospital, and occasion shopping.

Sheila works 8 hours each week: this is to help me to shower, wash, get my breakfast, takes me to appointments, opticians, dentist, podiatry clinic, Velindre Hospital and occasional shopping.

I fill in a monthly timesheet for each PA, which DEWIS CIL provides for me - at the end of each month, I phone through the hours to DEWIS CIL, who then send to me, through the post, the 2 invoices for the PAs.

I then pay my PAs online, and then fill in the next month’s timesheets etc.

I give the monthly receipt to my PAs and have a copy for myself - which I staple each receipt to that monthly timesheet

DEWIS CIL provide timesheets, annual leave record cards, contracts of employment, Cardiff Payroll Schedule and any other paperwork that I need, I’m really happy with the Direct Payments Scheme.