Direct Payments are funds provided by the Local Authority to disabled adults and children who have an assessed need, identified by social services. This is aimed at people regardless of disability but can specifically include:

  • Parents of children with physical and mental disabilities.
  • Adults with mental and learning difficulties.
  • Older people with physical disabilities.

These funds allow people to have the flexibility to have care through a personal assistant (PA) or a care agency.

Direct Payments also allows people to purchase a variety of services, equipment and activities that meet your care needs.

If you’ve been assessed as needing Direct Payments, our experienced advisors will:

  • Visit you and explain the Direct Payments process and options.
  • Provide information on our recruitment service.
  • Explain the responsibilities of employing a PA or using an agency.
  • Discuss budgets.
  • Explain the options of managed banking or non-managed (traditional) package.

Using a Care Agency

Direct Payments allow you to use a care agency; these are independent businesses that provide carers to service users who do not wish to employ a personal assistant.

For more information on how to receive care from an agency or how to contact them, please contact your advisor for a full list of agencies within your Local Authority.

Personal Assistant

Through Direct Payments, you have the option to employ a personal assistant (PA) to provide all your care needs. You have control on who you decide to employ, whether it is someone you know, or someone we can recruit for.

The idea is to allow individuals to have the freedom to choose who they want to employ to assist with their care needs.

Every new personal assistant will need a DBS check before starting. An advisor will be able to assist with this process.

For more information about recruiting, please see the recruitment section or contact your allocated advisor.

Want to work as a PA?

If you want to work as a personal assistant through Direct Payments, you can register your details here.

Your details will be uploaded on our notice board for service users to view. Alternatively, you can browse existing jobs on the recruitment section.

What are the benefits of working as a PA?

If you’re passionate about supporting people, working as a PA is an excellent way to get into the care industry.

Working as a PA can offer many benefits to you:

  • A variety of working hours – providing flexibility.
  • You don’t need previous experience, and can learn on the job.
  • Free training provided.
  • You can work for more than one position.
  • Doing various activities within the community.
  • Rewarding.