Advocacy can help people get the care and support they need and deserve. That’s never been more important. It’s those who already found it harder to have their voices heard who have suffered most from the coronavirus restrictions we have all faced. The advocacy sector has come together to make sure we play our part in tackling these health inequalities. Together, we’ve agreed shared principles we will all follow to protect people’s rights and amplify their voices, during coronavirus and beyond.

We will make sure that people are heard, and their rights are respected We will communicate effectively and safely meet with people in person We will ensure that people can access advocacy We will take positive anti-discrimination action We will work together to promote systemic change

Help us spread the word and let us know what you think by using #advocacyprinciples in social media. If you would like your organisation to endorse these principles, then please contact [email protected]

For more detailed information about the 5 Principles of Advocacy download the PDF here.