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I am an energetic boy of nearly 9 years living in the Rhondda area. I currently have a diagnosis of ADHD, and also exhibit traits of Autism. However, I am waiting for this to be formally assessed.
I am very charming and likeable but like most children I have another side where I can sulk if plans change. It’s important for me to maintain a routine and stick to it. 
You’ll know if I’m happy because I will clap my hands. Some of my favourite activities are swimming, being out in nature and attending play centres. I do not mind the occasional visit to the cinema however I can become bored and display behaviours that challenge in these environments hence why any visits here would be limited. I enjoy being active but interestingly I don’t like sports; I like being active in other ways like going out for walks or to the beach as this provides me with the benefit of burning my excess energy and having fun at the same time.
I am nervous around new people so whilst we build a relationship my mom will join us on outings. 


This position is to work with me as my PA but you will be supported by my mum who will join us on outings. My mum will have her PA with her. Although my behaviour can be challenging you will have the support of two other adults when we are out.


5 hours per week term time / 5 hours per week school holidays 
Mostly weekday hours but on a rare occasion a weekend might be needed, so you must be prepared to work the odd weekend.

You will be working  with either another PA or with the boy's mother. 


£11.50 per hour and 0.40p a mile.


•    Supporting me when out in my local community alongside my mother and her PA
•    Using your car to take me places of my choice
•    Encourage my independence, living and social skills
•    Ensuring my safety at all times
•    Taking me to the odd appointment 
•    Supporting me to manage my emotions in an appropriate way
•    Managing challenging behaviour, applying appropriate behavioural management techniques to challenging situations
•    Planning beforehand any days out in order for me to prepare as I like to know what is happening in advance of our visits
•    Calmly and consistently managing my behaviour 


•    You must be sensible, mature and reliable
•    A calm and patient person is essential
•    You must know how to work with children and understand them
•    Needs to use initiative and get stuck into role
•    It is highly desirable for you to have worked with ADHD and Autism previously, whether personal experience or work related 
•    You will accept and understand that I am a child with challenging behaviour and part of your job is to support me and manage the difficulties I experience when it comes to expressing myself
•    Someone who is able to recognise the feeling behind my behaviour and deal with them calmly and consistently 
•    Because I struggle to adapt to change you must be willing to commit to this role in a long term capacity
•    You will understand that it will take time for me to build trust with you and get to know you so to start with my mum will be involved in our activities
•    Full UK driver’s license and car is essential


This will be a proper job requiring a National Insurance number to be submitted. A trial period of six months will be necessary in the first instance. The wage will be paid monthly on return of a payslip provided by the Centre for Independent Living. You will receive appropriate holidays and holiday pay. This post is subject to an enhanced police check (DBS) and training may be required if identified by the employer.