Personal Assistant Application Form Submission

Title (required): Mr.
First Name (required): Perry
Reference number of job being applied for (required): VOG 856
I confirm that I have the right to work in the UK and am able to prove my eligibility status when required to do so. (required): Yes
Please read the Job Description carefully before providing information in this Section of the Application Form. Give details of your previous employment or experience which you think would help you to do this job. (required): I am a graduate in English and have been retired for 3 years from the Department of Work and Pensions where I worked for 21 years as a Learning and Development Officer, and 15 years as a Customer Service Advisor. I am a highly educated reader, have a very detailed knowledge of film history from the 1920s onwards. I am a parent and have three very successful children who keep me up to date with modern trends. I have a great deal of patience and kindness towards other people: my job involved educating staff about disability issues and I have successfully appealed against negative PIP decisions in Tribunals. For 21 years I looked after my aunt from the ages of 73 - 94. She suffered from agoraphobia and was unable to leave the house. She was profoundly deaf and being her only company I learned patience and understanding towards others. I enjoy collecting from Charity Shops and have large collections of books and films which I am able to discuss. I am an excellent listener and conversationalist and
What qualities do you think are important when working as a personal assistant with a disabled person? (required): An understanding of how their condition affects their day to day activities and what needs to be done to adjust their environment to suit their needs. Patience, kindness, empathy and a gentle temperament.
How do you think you can contribute towards the needs and the independence of a disabled person? (required): I would be a friend and help them to make their lives as independent as possible. To get the best out of the day and feel safe and considered.
What is it about PA work which appeals to you? (required): I am a very friendly person who would enjoy keeping someone company. I like the company of older people and enjoy sharing their stories and interests. I want to do a small amount of work as I have retired after 34 years in the Civil Service. I want a job that contributes to the community and the individual lives of those in the community.
What are your hobbies/interests?: I am a very well read person, being a graduate in English. For 30 years I ran my own theatre company and produced plays in Caerphilly Castle, Tredegar Park and St Fagans Folk Museum. I have a huge knowledege of films, and have written articles on film which have been published. I enjoy playing chess but rarely win. I am a very good Scrabble and Card player. I enjoy my small garden and make it attractive. I have a dog and walk him everyday. I have a full clean driving licence. I am a veteran of TV quiz shows and have appeared on Mastermind and many other quiz shows. I build models and collect odd pieces of an antique nature. I go out with my sister once a week and we usually browse charity shops together. I love television series, and have adapted books for performance on stage. I am very interested in Politics. I can talk on most topics apart from Sport.
Would you consider a casual position if you are unsuccessful with this job? (required): Yes
Do you drive? (required): Yes
Are you a vehicle owner?  (required): Yes
Do you smoke? (required): No
Are you able to undertake training? (required): Yes
What days/nights are you able to work, or prefer to work?  (required): I would rather work between 9 and 5
Are there any circumstances which would prevent you from providing cover or swapping a shift? (required): Yes
If you would like to expand on the answers given above? Please use the box below.: If a holiday were booked or any kind of medical appointment.
Is there is any such information you wish to disclose, relating to any cautions or convictions which will appear on your mandatory DBS check? (required): No/
Please provide details if necessary:
I agree that there is nothing which would prevent me from doing this job. (required): Yes
I consent to the above (required): Yes
I agree that the information I provide will be posted to the Dewis CIL PA noticeboard (all personal information will be withheld).: Yes
What geographical area’s are you able to cover?: Penarth
How many hours of work can you offer per week?: 12
Please indicate the approximate times that you are available for work throughout the week.:
Further Information: All days are negotiable but not on weekends.